Want to build your own essential oil business?

So You’re Interested In Working With me to Build Your Own Essential Oil Business….. Let’s Do This!

I am so absolutely humbled and excited that you have landed on this page. (insert happy dance) 🙂 To say that doTERRA Essential Oils has changed my and my families lives for the better, is truly an understatement. doTERRA has not only empowered us to take our health into our own hands, but it has also improved our financial security.

What would $100…. $500…. $2,000…. $10,000…. a month mean to you and your family?? How much stress would that take from your life??

Keep scrolling for more evidence that this is that sign you’ve been waiting for…….


Why this? Why now?

doTERRA is by no means your everyday, run of the mill business model, it is a model where it’s cool to build each other up, not tear each other down, where helping each other succeed is the new normal, and celebrating each others success is mandatory. Not sure about you, but doTERRA is PERFECT FOR ME, and certainly can be for you too!

I love sharing oils. I love networking and creating meaningful connections with like minded humans, while being supported and uplifted by my tribe of amazing women.

What could be more perfect than sharing the products I already use and love?



If you already do ONE or more of the following – you have a huge head start when it comes to growing an essential oil business. Remember, you hold no inventory, which means you get to concentrate on connecting, sharing your passions, educating and empowering others online, one on one, or in the workshop & class setting.

-Have run an online retail store

-Have built a business online

-Have presented or run workshops or trainings in ANY industry

-Have managed staff

-Have worked for yourself

-Have an existing audience or community

-Have studied making money online and understand the basics

-Have done none of the above, but have a kick-ass desire to succeed in whatever you put your mind too


Join ‘Empowered by Oils’
with Jo & Niki

Free support while you build your DoTERRA business


5-6 figures IS achievable for everyone with DoTERRA, simply by sharing, holding classes and educating others. The earning opportunity is there, and in direct proportion to your existing + learned skills, and the time you can put into growing your tribe.

WANT More Reasons Why?

Everyone knows DoTERRA as the largest essential oil direct selling company in the world, and also a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

doTERRA offers incredibly high quality products, and only ten years into DoTERRA’s existence, 5 million people already understand the potential of such a soul based company who devotes themselves to creating meaningful and lasting connections with millions already worldwide.

You will be a part of tribe of humans on a mission to heal the earth, one person, one home, one community at a time.

A proven system for success with duplicable systems to create ease of process for your business, so you can get out and do the important things to you.

Let’s chat about your business goals

I work with, and mentor unto 4 business builders at one time, so please feel free to flick me a message, and let’s chat about your goals and dreams when it comes to building a successful business.

Looking forward to connecting with you really soon!

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